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Amazing Product!


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Course Target Test Prep Flexible Prep

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After failing at the GMAT twice (using two other test prep companies, and studying independently), I had nearly given up. Whereas my Verbal was always hovering around the 80-90th percentile, my quant was lagging far behind. My first two shots, I managed a top Quant score of 39.

After doing some research, I got in touch with Jeff, who advised me to use the Target Test online portal.

I think, It was the best investment I made- the course is designed to lead to lead you to success. It takes you from the very basic topics and ends at the most complex questions the GMAT could throw at you.

My score improved from a low of 35 to a 42. I understand that this is not a top score, but while I was using Target Test, all I kept thinking, was "if I had more time". I wish I had found this a lot earlier in my preparation. I was never so confident going in to GMAT as I was after using Target. Unfortunately, with a hectic work schedule, I could not complete the course, but still managed to see a 3 point jump on the score!

Combine all of this with excellent customer service, both Jeff and Scott are amazing and very responsive.

I highly recommend this product!

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