April 27, 2017

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Course Target Test Prep Maximum Learning

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TTP was excellent. I did the personal study sessions with Jeff who was a great teacher. We went through the material systematically, and I saw real, tangible progress every week. Jeff was beyond just a tutor, he was someone that truly cared about my progress., and was a real sounding board during the ups and downs of the GMAT process. The online platform are great too. Very user friendly, clear, and organized. I was able to methodically work through my trouble areas, all while tracking my progress and messing my performance week to week. If I had to do it all over again I'd definitely use TTP. Can't say enough about Target Test Prep

December 19, 2019

This is a course review right? Is tutoring included in the course? Did your vrebal score go up too because that is not a part of a math course and should not be included in this review. This feels fishy!!!

December 19, 2019

My understanding from reading debriefs on the forum is that Scott and Jeff answer questions and if needed so calls with folks who struggle. It is not an advertised aspect of the program but from what I have read the support they provide is really helpful and genuine. This person seems to have also requested tutoring which is not included in the course obviously...

PS. This is a 2-year old review so I am not sure this person is going to be around to reply but they registered in 2013 and reviewed the course in 2017. I doubt it was a fake account... I am not sure TTP was around back then :-)

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