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Joined: 13 Jan 2019
Posts: 11
Concentration: Marketing, Finance
WE: Project Management (Computer Software)
Profile Review Request  [#permalink]

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New post 06 Jun 2020, 04:38
· Demographics (nationality, gender): India, Male

· Education: High School-90%, Itermediate:76%, Graduation in Engineering(Computer Science):63%

· GMAT: 740

· Work experience: 4 years of work experience as a Product Manager and Presales Consultant, dealing with clients from US/UK/Europe regions. Currently working in a startup and leading a team of 5 people. I have previously worked in HCL Technologies for 2 years.

· Extracurricular activities: State level Cricket and Handball player, General Secretary and Head of Fashion society at my Undergrad University, Cofounder of an NGO working towards aiding underprivileged children in education

· Target schools: ISB, NUS, NYU, Yale, INSEAD, LBS, SAID, BOOTH

Please suggest the B-Schools in Global Top-25 in which I must apply as per my profile. And what will be my chances of conversion with this profile in the suggested B-Schools?
Avanti Prep Admissions Consultant
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Joined: 08 Aug 2017
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New post 18 Jun 2020, 08:51
Hi AbdulWasey1,

Thank you for your post. The combination of your product management, consulting, and startup experience; international client exposure; team building and leadership; and founding of an NGO (I'd love to learn more about that!) appear to create a strong foundation for you. What you do with that foundation -- how you dissect your experiences; unpack and articulate the different things you've learned; how you've failed and grown; the impact you've created; and how all of this ties into your goals -- will be critical to your applications. I would characterize your GMAT score as very strong in absolute terms and "solid" for your applicant pool; likely good enough for many of the schools you've listed, though perhaps "the de facto minimum" to receive real consideration from Booth.

Please keep in mind, however, that even with interesting experiences and a good score, a huge amount has to go into your story development, career goal specificity, articulation of why you need an MBA, articulation of how each school would fill those needs, and why you fit / how you would uniquely contribute to each. What exactly are your post-MBA career goals? What is the passion and purpose behind these goals? What bigger picture business (or world) problems are you driven to solve? What knowledge, skill, and experience do you have that are relevant to these goals? What knowledge, skill, and experience are you missing and therefore need to acquire via an MBA? And again, how exactly will you acquire these things / fill these gaps at each program, and how exactly do you intend to contribute (beyond simply saying "I intend to join XYZ Club..." (which everyone says, but offers zero substance). You can read more about certain of these cornerstone (but often overlooked) application elements here: ... on-process

For general context as to the degree of competition and importance of differentiating yourself / doing everything noted above well, I often point applicants in your situation to this study: ... 39142.html. The analysis focuses on U.S. programs, but it should still give you some good context as to how crowded and competitive the field is, and (again) how much work, specificity, coherence, and differentiation needs to go into your applications, essays, resume, recommendations, and interviews. As an example (shown in the study), Indian applicants with a 740 GMAT have around an 11% acceptance rate across the entirety of the U.S. T20. (Booth, of course, is the most competitive handful of schools in the top 20, so the admit rate would be some fraction of that 11%.) The study is not meant to seem "overly daunting," and as mentioned, it seems you have a strong starting point. But as these data illustrate, the challenge then becomes converting "strong starting points" and "good scores" into super differentiated applications that the adcom is drawn to, so that in a group of 10 or so applicants with similar profiles, you are among the one or two that they select.

(As for suggesting other schools, that is difficult to do without knowing more about your professional goals, your geographic preferences [as you seem to have listed a wide variety of potential geographies], and other preferences you have related to location, alumni network, class size, industry preferences, type of learning experience, program culture, and so forth.)

If you would like to continue this conversation and/or learn more about how Avanti Prep works with clients to accomplish all of the above, I encourage you to sign up for a Free Consultation: I also encourage you read verified testimonials from past clients, including a great many from India with similar scores, experiences, and challenges: I hope we have the opportunity to connect!

Best Regards,
Greg Guglielmo
Founder | Avanti Prep
MBA Admissions Consulting
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Re: Profile Review Request   [#permalink] 18 Jun 2020, 08:51

Profile Review Request

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