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Since 2001, Stacy Blackman Consulting (SBC) clients have been admitted to every top business school worldwide, often with merit scholarships. SBC has a complete panel of former Admissions Officers from every top MBA program in-house. The SBC team has MBA expertise at every top US and EU school, has graduated from the best MBA programs and understands career paths in every industry, traditional and non- traditional. 

SBC deeply values mentor-ship within its client engagements and limits the number of clients for each consultant, engaging with clients only after its Validation Team evaluates candidacy strength. Stacy Blackman Consulting delivers results, as shown through its record of the highest number of online reviews across multiple sites, such as YELP. SBC offers a limited number of free consultations weekly for inquiries who have been pre-screened by our tenured team. Contact us for a free consultation to request time with an SBC Principal.      

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reviewer identity verified by score report
     By bballallstar6464 3 1

Right off the bat, I will say that I am not a great applicant (M7 was definitely not in the cards for me) and am very pleased with my end result.

In round 1, I initially opted away from SBC because of the very formal (almost corporate) approach it appeared the company took in my initial phone call with the company. For some reason, it rubbed me the wrong way and I chose a different consultant. However, my initial phone call with Ryan stuck in the back of my head and when I reevaluated for R2, I chose SBC. The one school I was particularly interested in for round 2 was Cornell and for that reason, Ryan (a former Parks scholar and Cornell Johnson MBA grad) was the deciding factor.

As a Cornell grad, Ryan perfectly outlined what I needed to do on the schools unique essays, something that gave me a ton of comfort. On the multiple reversions of my essays, he outlined tips and verbiage he used to land a full scholarship to the school. In fact, we made such progress in each iteration and thus, saving such time, that I was able to use a large chunk of my 5-hour purchase for another school. In comparing the final essays I turned in R2 to the failed essays (again, done with another consultant) turned in R1, it is quite clear the sizable talent gap between Ryan/SBC and other consultants... Literally night and day between the two finished products. The truth is, anyone reading this review is here to get RESULTS out of an admissions consultant. To this end, I firmly believe if I did not switch to SBC I do not think I would have gotten into Cornell (my interview at the school was awful so it is clear admissions thought highly enough of my application and essays to accept me anyway).

I will get out the little "bad" that there was as well. As I was on an hourly service, I am not sure if it was as a function of the corporate culture at SBC or not, but every minute of time spent on email exchange, even if it was for simple clarity on a previous confusing email, was tracked and charged. I walked away from a few iterations feeling a little nickel and dimed, but hey this is a business.

Again overall, could not be more pleased. If you are considering any school in that 9-16 range, especially Cornell, I FIRMLY think you should at least give Ryan a call... his expertise led to my acceptance.

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reviewer identity verified by membership
     By beebnites 3 0

Unlike a lot of people applying to business school, I knew almost no one who had ever attended an MBA program. I started researching online to gather information and ended up spending many (too many) hours reading through forums, blogs and school websites. I finally decided to hire a consultant to help me. In the end I chose Stacy Blackman Consulting because they have a great reviews and have been around for a long time. I felt safe with their team and also protected by the fact that they have several people who would all be helping me in different ways. I am very happy with my choice. The minute I signed on was like a miracle. All of a sudden I had someone helping me through. Jessica (formerly with Haas and Darden Admissions Office) guided me with complete confidence every step of the process. My resume, school forms, essays of course, interviews and other aspects such as setting up visits to the schools and contacting people at the schools. Although many people consider a consultant to be optional, for me is was essential - I honestly do not know how I could have done this without Jessica's help and complete patience and thoroughness. The SB resources such as the Admissions review of my full application were fantastic.
I am so excited I am going to Darden in the Fall. Thanks you Jessica and Stacy Blackman Consulting.

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Thanks Ryan!
March 22 | 2017
reviewer identity verified by score report
     By ABDF 0 0

I opted for a comprehensive 3 school package and applied to Fuqua, Anderson and McCombs with Ryan's help. Initially, I was not sure about which schools I should apply to, given my preferences and profile. Ryan heard every bit of my story very carefully and asked certain intelligent questions. Then suggested a mix of schools into which I could certainly get accepted this year. After school selection, we started with various components of the application. Ryan laid out a complete application plan with set milestones , which I referred to, every now and then to be able to submit my applications on time. I must say the application plan was very detailed and well structured. The best thing about Ryan is that he knows exactly which story to highlight or what to say in any essay. This really helped me focus on the right content and draft a great story for myself. I absolutely loved his suggestions and edits, which were crisp and to the point. He also helped me rephrase my sentences in a way that produced the wow effect. Overall, with Ryan's structured approach, precise suggestions, and flexible working style, I got interview invites from all schools that I applied to, and I am finally joining Duke. Thanks Ryan!

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Kevin @ SBC
March 22 | 2017
reviewer identity verified by membership
     By krval 21 5

I am from a overrepresented applicant pool and my GPA and work experience were average. So I knew, I needed some help to differentiate myself. I spoke to several admission consultants and decide to go with SBC because of their overall professionalism. I worked with Kevin Rockmael. He helped me decide what stories to tell and what aspects of the stories to focus on. He was always prompt with his responses and helped me stick to my schedule. His insight into the admissions process and his ability to create a clean narrative helped me a lot. SBC's flight test is awesome because, it gives you a real adcom's perspective on your essays. With all this help, I was able to get into a top 15 program with a scholarship. This was a great investment into my future.

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SBC - Comprehensive Package
March 22 | 2017
reviewer identity verified by post count
     By hiren2011 318 47

My profile goes like this:
An older candidate, belong to an over-represented group of applicants, belong to an under-represented industry, 690 GMAT and 3.15 CGPA and an average work experience with a few interesting bits and pieces.
I knew, I needed help. I talked to a few services and realized that SBC would work nice, with their experience.
First call wasn't the best one (not to Ryan, someone else) and was told that with my profile I might be shooting for stars and may not work well. But after that, from second call onwards, things were on the track.
We discussed schools and aspirations, reasons and other details. When time came for Brag Sheet, that was really the time I realized what I had lacked in preparation for an MBA so far. Finally, the countless hours of editing essays, resumes, interview prep, etc. But Ryan was on it all the time. I slipped from original schedule and my job gave me a few jitters, but he didn't let go of the end.
Today, out of three schools, I have one admit, 2 waitlist (all ranked among top 20 - P&Q - including one in top 10).
I can't be more happy. Ryan delivered what he promised.

Suggestions to prospective students:
Be aware of why you want an MBA. Use the resources available, as much as you can.

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reviewer identity verified by membership
     By gmataroram 33 7

I decided to use the services of SBC after having a not so good application season when I got rejected from all my top choices. I had previously worked with a different consultant and I felt cheated when a lot of current students reviewed my essays and gave me a long list of flaws in my essays.

That's why I decided to go full monty and work with the best in the business. I talked with some of the best admissions consultants, but it clicked with SBC and I went further ahead to work with SBC for a comprehensive service. I decided to apply to around 4-6 schools.

The initial call with Esther was pleasant and she, in fact, traced back our previous conversation dated back a couple of years. She listened to my professional goals and achievements and gave me excellent feedback on my last year's application. As I come from a country where the exchange rate vs USD is comparatively high, Esther gave me a generous discount and allowed me to sign up for 2 school contracts and keep on upgrading as per the need for the entire application season.

Esther paired me up with Sherry Holland and in our initial call, I liked Sherry's approach and honesty. She drew a clear picture for me and helped me understand the strategy for school selection. She did not try to convince me to go for schools which do not match my professional ambitions just for the sake of getting an admit.

I kicked off my application with Sherry and we quickly worked through my Resume. With Sherry's excellent advice, we exchanged more than 6-8 Resume drafts and I could see the difference between the quality of two version of my Resume. Sherry also prepped my referees and they, in fact, told me that Sherry guided them really well as it was a new experience for them as well.

The thing I like most about Sherry is that she is very professional and responds immediately. She always gave me a timeframe and always replied within that. Even when she was on holidays, she made sure that my essays are going on nicely. She always encouraged me to write as much as I could in initial drafts and in fact for one such school we brainstormed more than 6 stories for a 500-word essay. She would always listen patiently to my views and gave her important insights.

Because of Sherry's professionalism, I was able to complete my applications in strict timings, and in one instance I managed to prepare probably the longest application amongst all the schools (10 long essays), in a fortnight.

She gave me good interview tips and her waitlist guidance was excellent.

Sherry also helped me with my scholarship application as the school I am matriculating asks separate scholarship essays and they itself are time-consuming. Sherry helped me prepare the application for 3 different scholarships and I received a generous scholarship from my school.

She is a very kind and gentle person and talking to her always helped me get over with the pressure of all the applications. Working with her was a wonderful experience and I would recommend everyone to talk to her before embarking on their application season.

P.S. I would also like to thank and express my gratitude towards Bill Chionis, who was my Client Liasion. He took out time for me very close to the deadlines and gave some excellent tips on my final essays.

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reviewer identity verified by membership
     By clickitoff 2 0

I decided to sign up for 2 schools with Blackman and do the other 2 (easier ones) on my own. So I applied to MIT and Booth with Lisa my consultant and then NYU Stern and Michigan separately. Lisa came from MBA Admissions and SBC has so much knowledge across all the top MBA programs with respect to Admissions focus areas. I am very happy with the results. Booth was my first choice and I was accepted with scholarship money. I was also admitted to MIT and Michigan. I was waitlisted at Stern. I had a great experience with Lisa and really everyone that I worked with. They were all very professional and cared a lot about my satisfaction and success. I worked hard but I learned a lot about myself in the process and ended up with great results. I think my results at the tougher schools were better and that was great proof of how good the Blackman services were. I had a very rigorous work schedule during the time I was applying and traveled a lot so I needed Lisa to bend to my schedule - which she 100% did. She also helped to keep me on track because I was scattered with all of the travel. So I am really appreciative of the service that was provided and highly recommend the SBC team.

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Thanks Bill
March 13 | 2017
reviewer identity verified by school email address
     By SPL 0 0

Bill has a very good expertise of what the Adcom really wants. He helped me focus on my strengths in the application process instead of asking me to retake GMAT. Instead of directly jumping on to essays, he came up with application strategy that gave me a clear picture of what we are going to present to adcom. His feedback on mock interviews was excellent and helped me to present the information in right way. Overall, he created a great application strategy, helped me in coming up with excellent essays and helped me with good interview strategy. Thanks to Bill Chionis and Stacy Blackman consulting.

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reviewer identity verified by membership
     By Pedler 1 5

I used SBC over the course of multiple applications, and they were a very supportive, and encouraging team. Specifically I used Sherry for my Essays to Ross and Fuqua and when my plans changed and I deiced to refocus on EMBA programs, I did not hesitate to enlist her services again, with outstanding results! I have used other services, and the level of engagement, professionalism and genuine desire to see you succeed are unrivaled by the other groups I used. I would not hesitate to use, or recommend Sherry and the SBC team to anyone who is looking to put forth the best application possible.

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reviewer identity verified by membership
     By corneytines 4 1

The service that I received from SBC was excellent. I truly felt like they delivered more than I expected at every touch point. From the minute I signed up, I received access to many very helpful documents as well as the resource center and their guides. Most importantly I had my amazing consultant by my side. What I liked most about Karla is that she challenged me at every turn, She kept saying "you can always make it better" and she would push me to think deeper, ask more of myself. She was always asking me questions - why? why? that caused me to develop essays that were a lot deeper than the surface level stories I initially thought of writing. I also found the interview prep to be extremely helpful. I took advantage of many resources. I used their video platform, which gave me many practice hours. I also did mock interviews with Karla and did the group interview with Rachel. I was extremely confident (but still nervous) going into my interviews because I had practiced all of my stories so many times. As it turned out I was very prepared - I had several identical questions to what we had practiced.I knew that I was going to sign up for a consultant because I was going for top schools and wanted to give it my all. Upon researching I settled on three firms that were clear leaders. Once I talked to them all, I had no doubt I wanted to go with Stacy Blackman. It was a big investment but one that I knew I wanted to make and one that absolutely paid off as I am now going to Wharton next year.

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