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Since 2001, Stacy Blackman Consulting (SBC) clients have been admitted to every top business school worldwide, often with merit scholarships. SBC has a complete panel of former Admissions Officers from every top MBA program in-house. The SBC team has MBA expertise at every top US and EU school, has graduated from the best MBA programs and understands career paths in every industry, traditional and non- traditional. 

SBC deeply values mentor-ship within its client engagements and limits the number of clients for each consultant, engaging with clients only after its Validation Team evaluates candidacy strength. Stacy Blackman Consulting delivers results, as shown through its record of the highest number of online reviews across multiple sites, such as YELP. SBC offers a limited number of free consultations weekly for inquiries who have been pre-screened by our tenured team. Contact us for a free consultation to request time with an SBC Principal.      

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Highly Recommend SBC!!
January 03 | 2017
reviewer identity verified by score report
     By yudiwan 2 2

I was very anxious about my b-school application process. I had many ideas but didn't know where to start. I almost decided not to do SBC because it was more expensive than other consulting products on the market, but in the end I decided that it was worth it. I'm so glad!

Sherry was amazing, she was always quick to respond even during the holidays. What people don't realize is that applying to MBA programs is a very lonely process and while you do need editing and consulting support, you also need a friend who can assure you that everything will be okay. That's how I felt when working with Sherry. I applied to 5 schools, got 3 interviews and got admitted to 2.

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SBC Comprehensive Package
January 02 | 2017
reviewer identity verified by score report
     By BearPride08 0 0

A quick summary of my profile - liberal arts undergraduate university, double major in business/econ, IB then PE, white, male.

After evaluating a number of consulting firms (MBA Mission, Paul Bodine, Critical Square, Square One Prep, Personal MBA Coach), I chose to work with Dawn at SBC. I also liked Square One Prep and Menlo Coaching.

As an HBS graduate, I felt Dawn was most comfortable with HBS but had a good handle on Wharton and Columbia as well. Dawn's strength was helping me evaluate my profile and craft a story. She then worked with me to develop the high level structure / flow of the document. Thereafter, the heavy lifting was on me to develop a detailed outline of each essay and ultimately write the essay. Dawn explained that I was a strong writer so she essentially provided zero edits on most essays after I wrote the essays (this is in part because we got so detailed on the outlines).

Overall, I enjoyed working with Dawn. She is extremely positive and supportive. She is great at helping you craft stories and I am sure she can dig into the language / grammar if need be.

I used the comprehensive package for 3 schools. I was accepted to my top choice.

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super helpful
December 31 | 2016
reviewer identity verified by school email address
     By kamonline 0 5

Sherry was thoughtful, kind, and incredibly helpful in putting my application together. Her positivity and different perspective helped me realize the strengths of my application and prioritize what areas to focus on. I was able to utilize her advice in my other applications and was ultimately accepted to several business schools with strong scholarship offers. I'm so appreciative of all her help (and patience) particularly around the interview prep and resume creation. Even with the extensive research I had done on my own, I learned so much working with her and was able to keep on track with all my applications.

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reviewer identity verified by score report
     By bobuzb 4 0

When I decided to use hourly services of SBC, I was offered to work with Sherry Holland. I had used services of other consulting firms in my last year's application, but I felt real difference while working with Sherry. I really enjoyed this experience. Sherry is a real professional who knows her work very well. She can easily motivate you to feel confident. Every time I sent my essays to Sherry, I got quick response and all her work deserves respect.

Being an international applicant with low gpa (2.2) and not so strong GMAT score (94%), I had fear that I may fail this year too. Actually, I had prepared full application last year, but it needed to be well polished. Although I used limited hours of SBC service, Sherry helped me to build a winning application. I got four admits with very generous scholarships out of my six applications: Ross ($), Owen ($$$), Kenan with ($), Rice with ($$$).

I am really grateful that I found her

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reviewer identity verified by school email address
     By Bullsfan23 2 5

I used SBC's hourly services and was matched up w/ Paul. If you are aiming for a Top 3-4 school, he is one of the best in the business. He is a Harvard AND Stanford grad, so he really does know what they are looking for. He was instrumental in essay review and making sure my "story" lined up across my applications. He was especially helpful during the interview prep, since he has given admissions interviews himself.

I was ultimately accepted to every school I applied to, including Harvard and Stanford. I would absolutely recommend Paul to those who are looking at top schools! Thanks Paul!

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reviewer identity verified by score report
     By hashforth 0 0

I had an excellent experience working with CP at Stacy Blackman. From the moment the process began it was clear that CP was a seasoned pro. Going in to the process, my GRE score and my GPA were below average. Despite this, CP helped me to craft a story that highlighted my strengths (i.e. leadership, extensive work experience, and community service). She was an expert at showing me how to weave my story effectively through all parts of my application.

Throughout the process, I was often pre-occupied with my low statistics (I imagine many applicants in my position might be as well). However, CP helped me focus on my application as a whole. We addressed my low numbers where relevant, but focused most on the areas that made me a strong candidate.

Business school applications require a ton of work, and I believe that CP’s guidance worked for me because I was willing to listen to her and willing to put in the work required of me. CP provided me with guidance and constructive feedback, but she was not there to do the work for me. She was instrumental in making sure that my application was uniform and consistent. With her help, I created the best application material and told the best story that I possibly could.

CP not only helped me get in to 2 of the 3 schools I applied to, but she also helped me to further understand why I want to pursue an MBA. I could not have asked for a better outcome. If you are someone with below average numbers, I would recommend Stacy Blackman, and CP specifically, as long as you are willing to listen and fully dedicate yourself to the process.

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A+ Service and Top 5 Results
December 19 | 2016
reviewer identity verified by score report
     By Kyle20 0 0

Selecting Stacey Blackman Consulting to support and advise me during the admissions process was the best decision I made while preparing my applications. My consultant advised me through the seemingly 'never-ending' admissions process and gave me tips that I know made all of the difference in my acceptance to both HBS and Tuck. I not only benefited from her extensive admissions experiences and insights, but also enjoyed our conversations which I found lighthearted, yet focused. The consultants at Stacey Blackman do a phenomenal job at viewing your background objectively and giving tough love where it is needed. My consultant was direct and honest about my profile which helped me take a step back and recognize the gaps I needed to improve if I wanted to get into a top school. SBC is great for individuals who don't take critical feedback personally and are willing to tackle it head on in order to receive admission to his/her school of choice.

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reviewer identity verified by membership
     By deeptideepti 0 0

Amy helped me with my essays and interviews to get into one of my dream schools. Given my less than stellar undergraduate GPA,and an average GMAT score, Amy helped me position myself by highlighting my work and life experiences in the essays to stand out. The one trait that makes Amy a really good consultant is that she is takes the time to really understand your goals and personality which she then uses to bring out and highlight as selling points in your essays.

I was also applying in round three and was on a time crunch. Her services really helped me not worry about compromising on the quality of my application.

Thx Amy for helping me secure admission to one of the top 10 Part-Time programs.

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Excited Berkeley Admit!
August 22 | 2016
reviewer identity verified by score report
     By eong 0 0

I am so excited to start at Berkeley-Haas this Fall, thanks to Stacy Blackman! Esther reached out to me for the initial phone screen, and was able to recommend a consultant, Jen, who was a great fit for my rather niche industry interest and focus on West Coast schools. Jen helped me to articulate some of the major themes in my life and career to date, and focus my story so that it was clear and realistic.

Going through the admissions process was undeniably stressful, and I was very thankful for Jen's calm guidance. She was very responsive even during the year-end rush for Round 2, and helped me stay on track. I want to give a special shout-out to her especially for the interview prep, where she gave me the confidence to go through with everything even though I didn't feel ready at all, and gave me some really great tips that unified my personal branding. Working through the process actually helped me identify some passions that I wanted to develop further, and while I didn't get to refer to them during the process, it led to some fantastic experiences the summer before b-school. Once again, thanks SBC!

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reviewer identity verified by school email address
     By cama 0 0

I am starting at Harvard for my MBA and my Public Policy Degree thanks in large part to Andy Pelletier . I was a non-traditional MBA candidate and unsure how competitive I would be. Andy encouraged me and helped me hone my narrative. He was willing to push me to identify the key elements of my stories and to clearly communicate who I am, not just what I have accomplished. He was incredibly responsive, turning around his feedback quickly, and working around my schedule. When it came time for interviews, I did not hesitate to call Andy to prepare. He provided me with key feedback and helped me go to into the interviews with confidence. I would absolutely work with Andy again.

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