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Stepping into my 10 years long dream - Thank you ApplicantLab!

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Status: Stepping into my 10 years long dream
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Stepping into my 10 years long dream - Thank you ApplicantLab! [#permalink]

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New post 07 Apr 2018, 11:46
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Yes, you read it right. Going for an MBA from a top B School has been my dream since 2008.

I am not comfortable disclosing the name of the consultant I worked with in 2016 as well the name of the schools I applied to or got admitted. So, please don't ask me for the same.

How it started?

It was in 2008 when most of my classmates weren't much clear on what to do in short term and long term, I made a decision that I would first go for computer science engineering - because I love coding, and then MBA - because I had been involved in alot many leadership stuff in school and I love leading and managing teams.

I faced alot many difficulties to get into a decent engineering school and grab a seat that I wanted. But since I got a target, I was able to achieve it. It was then when I realized hard work and strong determination to achieve something can really help you achieve your goals.

I have already explained my Post engineering and GMAT journey. So, I will jump to how my MBA journey was and how I failed n times just to stand high. :)

Year 2016 - A big Failure - Rejected by 7 Schools without any interview call

Okay, Once I was done with my GMAT Exam, I thought it's the good time to apply for my MBA applications. I was a naive. I heard alot that I would need an admission consultant to go over the process. By talking to a few people and by reading reviews about one of the admission consultants - It is a big one in the market - I decided to go for it. Being a GMATClub moderator I got some special discounts. But despite that, the amount was alot. It was freaking $2200 for one school essays. This is alot of amount for an Indian Engineer. (It was the time when dollar was at its peak and literally it screwed my bank balance.)

I knew that I would need the help, so why not go with the best? So, I paid them the money. Since I was a naive, I didn't know what was bad or what was good. I thought whatever my consultant was guiding me was the best. I tried to replicate the same guidance for all the other schools and submitted my applications. I was excited that I have worked with such a great consultancy and I would hear good news very soon - atleast a few interview invites.

Result - No Call. All rejects. I got demotivated. I thought it was me who was at a fault and whatever my consultant told me was THE BEST.

Year 2017 - A big success - Currently I hold 3 admits with huge $$$ and 3 waitlists

Now what? I had two options - 1) Forget about MBA - I was already bankrupt and with zero results 2) Remind myself about my past experiences on how I struggled to get to an engineering school and stand up again to fight for it. I chose the 2nd one.

By this time, I knew that I was not going to get anything easily. I am a kind of person who has to fight against his luck with his very hardwork.

I talked to a couple of people. It was Rohit6 who first told me about ApplicantLab . Then I talked to souvik101990 who was already working with ApplicantLab. Both of them suggested me to go for it.

I was not very confident about how would a tool help me write essays or get me into top business schools. I was like "Are you really serious? This is just a tool Man!". I must admit today I laugh at myself when I think what I used to think about this tool.

Since it was just for a few bucks, I thought let's go for it. I bought the tool and started working on it. I showed my last years Resume to a couple of people and everyone was like "Hey, did you really apply to Business schools with this resume?". I was highly embarrassed. Come on, I paid so much for this and now you are laughing at me on this resume?

I started using the tool.

I thought let's use the tool to see how can I build my resume. Trust me: I got awestruck when I saw Maria's advice on how to build a resume for MBA school. At that time, I wanted to punch my consultant too badly. I mean how dare he made me make a resume that was the worst resume in the world. Maria has made a comparison on what a good resume is and how badly you can make your resume. And all the qualities of a bad resume were there in my old resume. It was a BS.

I worked on my resume again and followed the advice that was provided on the tool. I felt a bit confident that atleast I have made something better this year than what I did the previous year. This also made me realize that some of the "big" consultant companies are using their big names to get the business but are hiring low quality consultants to provide services.

I started working on other modules of ApplicantLab. Initial modules brainstorm you alot by asking you to think alot and answer alot many questions. I felt a bit less confident on how boring it was. But I realized its worth once I started writing my essays. I felt that whatever the questions were asking was already brainstormed by the tool in the initial stages. It got so easy to just pull the information/answers I already wrote and plug them in the essays to make a story. There are many sanity checks that ensure that you are adding the information that the essay is looking for. The best thing is you have very specific information for every school.

I even realized that my previous consultant was not even providing me any direction or ideas to write my essays. He was just asking me to remove this and add something better. But ApplicantLab has very well explained videos for every school. Maria has provided alot many ideas/examples for you to think and has provided right directions to help you get further ideas.

Feeling more confident now, I started working on my first essay and this way I ended up submitting 10 applications within 30 days. I did use Maria's personal advice just to ensure I am not missing anything. I was more cautious this time because I wanted to get in anyhow. She advised me on what schools I should apply to and how should I make my story to catch the eyes of the reader. Finally She helped me fine tune my essays by guiding whatever I didn't notice while watching the videos.

Lucky and unforgettable Festival Day

It was Diwali night (A North Indian Festival) when I received my two interview invites within a span of 30 minutes. I got excited and opened the interview module of ApplicantLab and started preparing for interviews. My experience with interview module was again awesome. All the general and behavioral questions are very well explained and they guide you to generate many ideas to talk about. This went in my favor. I prepared well and started receiving interview calls from a couple of more schools in the mean time. My interviews went awesome.

I ended up spending less than what I spent last year and got admitted to 3 schools with huge $$$s. Luckily, I started my part time business just to get out of the bad mood and it grew to heights I would have never thought of in my life. I was able to cover all admission process expenses easily. :-D . Not only that, I have friends around the globe now and alot people know me now.

Now, I realize "Everything Happens for a Reason". I came to know alot about my potential, which I would have not realized last year. Today, I am more confident and strong than what I was an year ago.

It was 2 weeks after the interview of one of the schools that I came to know I got admitted and that too with unexpectedly high scholarship. :cool:

Advice for the applicants:

1. Don't spend alot on costly consultants. The truth is one has to work on his own. Admission consultants won't write anything for you. But yes, ApplicantLab has alot many good advises that can help you reach your dreams. I would say even if you are working with consultants, have the tool as your sanity checker. Had I knew this, I would have asked my consultant at that time - "Hey, what the hell are you trying to convert my resume into?". But looking at what I learned about myself in this one year makes me feel proud about myself. :)

2. Who is a good fit for ApplicantLab? --> If you are not self motivated to get into your schools, please don't go for this tool. Infact, going for a consultant isn't a good idea either. It is you who have to fight for it.

3. If you are an Indian IT male, you are already screwed. So, focus alot on your GMAT, profile building and your essays. Trust me, any one factor could lead you to get rejected.

4. If you aren't confident on ApplicantLab Tool, trust me and join it. You will come back with a big smile of success on your face.

5. Don't think of applying as a reapplicant. The waitlists/rejections I am holding are only from those schools where I applied last year as well. I would prefer deciding it now or never.

6. Select your schools wisely. Always have more reach schools than dream or safe schools.

7. Apply early in the application process (either early entry or R1) because this can really help you stand out. Otherwise it's a very tough job for later rounds.

Finally, I learned alot about myself in this journey and I have become a fighter than a looser. If I can, anyone can. :)

I must say "ApplicantLab is THE BEST and I love you Maria for helping me get into where I always wanted to!"

Feel free to shoot any questions or advice you need. I am happy to expand my debrief further to help you all. :)

A big thanks to bb , souvik101990 and the entire GMATClub Team for being supportive throughout my journey. I will never forget you all.


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New --> How ApplicantLab made me reach my 10 years long MBA dream?

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Re: Stepping into my 10 years long dream - Thank you ApplicantLab! [#permalink]

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New post 07 Apr 2018, 12:28
Quite a motivational and enlightening post :thumbup: . Congratulations Abhimahna !!
you definitely are the famous personality of the gmatclub :-)

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Re: Stepping into my 10 years long dream - Thank you ApplicantLab! [#permalink]

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New post 07 Apr 2018, 12:45
You are very determined person and I believe that success in your journey is evident.

Keep the spirit up :clap:
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Re: Stepping into my 10 years long dream - Thank you ApplicantLab! [#permalink]

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New post 07 Apr 2018, 13:05
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Re: Stepping into my 10 years long dream - Thank you ApplicantLab! [#permalink]

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New post 07 Apr 2018, 17:35
Many congratulations, inspiring story not only for typical Indian Engineering applicants but for all MBA aspirants.
Journey makes the end sweeter, All the Best for your MBA.
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Re: Stepping into my 10 years long dream - Thank you ApplicantLab! [#permalink]

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New post 08 Apr 2018, 02:01
Congratulations Abhimahna! You are an inspiration to many of us. All the best for MBA

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Re: Stepping into my 10 years long dream - Thank you ApplicantLab!   [#permalink] 08 Apr 2018, 02:01
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Stepping into my 10 years long dream - Thank you ApplicantLab!

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