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I signed up for MER because needed advice in choosing the right stories to tell, how to tell, and make them connect properly. In the first counseling session, we discussed my background and accomplishments, which helped me a lot to improve the essay. She understood my story well and helped me effectively position them. I liked how she structured one essay to the other one and helped me align them to the LoR to make sure the complete picture looked fine. I think proper organization is Poonam’s strongest point! She was a great help in organizing details to make the story flow better, especially because my essays were huge, and I had difficulty in putting everything together to fit on the word count. Her editing skills are excellent, and the final versions were perfect in content, organization, and grammar.

Her guidance on the LoR was excellent. My recommenders also commented that her feedback was constructive to help them improve the LoRs. I didn’t raise many questions other than the comments on the word files; all my questions were replied satisfactorily. Everything worked fine, including turnarounds, as we agreed before starting our work. I liked the result, and I feel that my application would be definitely much weaker without her help. I am happy to be accepted into the full-time MBA program of M7 program – MIT. Overall, I enjoyed working with Poonam, and I would like to recommend MER services to prospective applicants.

July 23, 2022

Good day! Very interesting

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