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Best MBA admissions service w/o burning your savings

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Poonam is hands down the best MBA consultant I have ever come across. She doesn't sugar code anything - she will give it to you straight, which is what you need and why you are paying for a consultant. The initial Skype session was very information, provided helpful advice for my essays and answered questions about the application process. She also knows a lot about the programs I was applying to, which made my essays stand out even more. I particularly liked the initial questionnaire, which asked just about everything about my life. It forced me to write and helped me understand my own story, which helped a lot when during the actual essay-writing process. In addition to the normal editing (sentence structure, grammar, punctuation), Poonam restructured my essays to make them flow better, tried to make them stay on topic by deleting unnecessary sentences, and asked questions to make my essays more complete.

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