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Very thorough, Great Value for Money

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The Quant Section is very good. The questions are challenging, and the best part is you have multiple people giving and discussing each solution on the test - so if the official solution shows a different method of solving than what you used, you can always see different points of view and verify whether what you did was correct. The questions' discussion is a two way street. The Quant tests are REALLY good at helping you get a feel of the real test, and to get used to challenging questions. I dont think there's anything comparable at this price range on the internet. I think the best thing you can do is to give a test and recheck methods for each question before giving the next test. This way ur actually improving.

The verbal section is good; however, I wouldn't take the Verbal scores too seriously. Also, the official GMAT has 4 RC passages most of the time - each GMATClub Verbal test had only 3. This gives you a lopsided feel for time. Also, I think the grading is harsher in Verbal than the actual GMAT. Never crossed the V: 36 mark in the tests.

My actual GMAT score turned out to be:
Q: 47 (GMATClub scores' average had been 49)
V: 38 (GMATClub scores' average had been around 34)
Scaled Score: 690

You can't go wrong with GMATClub Tests.

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