July 20, 2020

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Highly Recommend! to Boost Quant Scores!


Perfect tool to boost quant scores! The GMAT Club tests provide 31 Quant (62 min limit) & 7 Verbal Exams (65 min limit) the Quant offers some of the highest quality "non official" quant problems as they emphasize the concepts fundamental to the GMAT official exam!

Highly convenient! These "Club Tests" allow you to take a "quant only" or "verbal only" is a huge benefit, as many other prep providers only offer "full length mock" exams which require 3 hours. These are great for "learning by doing" and repetition, the difficulty is very reflective of what a student going for a 50 or 51 score will see on the actual exam. If you get a Q45 on this exam, you can be confident of getting a Q45 on the official exam, etc.

"Club Tests" have a nice scoring feature, as they show you "% correct on 500 level, 600 level, 700 level" and they reward you for high % accuracy on "easy" questions. This is in line with the Official GMAT, also including a variety of other data to analyze "% right on each problem type", "time per question"...this data is highly useful and much more robust than many other practice test providers. I have noticed significant improvement from using GMAT Club tests are a primary study tool for GMAT Quant!

Overall A+ rating for GMATClub Tests!

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