April 23, 2017

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GMAT Club tests Review


Math tests of Gmat club are awesome. Each question consists of new learning. My score was not going up. I was stuck to 44-45. Because of GMAT club quant tests, it reached to 49. Most of the questions gave me new learning. Gradually I started gaining confidence in Math. However, my math was never bad, but somehow I was making some silly mistakes which I overcame through Gmat club tests. Bunuel 's explanations are amazing. Even If I solve a question, I can not resist myself from looking at his explanations because I think that they will make me learn new things.
I still have many tests remaining. I am sure they will certainly help me to improve further.
I would say that everyone should give GMAT club exam before appearing for GMAT exam.

Regarding the verbal test, they are good as well, but it would be great if the number of tests will be more.
Thanks to GMAT club community & a very special thanks to Bunuel.

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