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Best time of my life


This review is for LBS

Program Full Time MBA

Class of 2015

Experience during the program

I moved from the US to do my BSchool in the UK, and nearly every other person asks me why I didn't go to one of the many fantastic schools in the states? I come from banking pre-MBA and despite what college applications ask you to say, I really wanted to figure out what I wanted to do. In the US, recruitment varies by school region, and even area of work varies by which office you end up in. The beauty of London is that it's all there... From ur banks, to retail, tech firms, startups, pharm, etc. It makes it so much easier to grab coffee chats with recruiters, alumni, and wider community looking for smart people. I am happy to say post MBA it worked doubt well for me as I got to complete two different internships (another big pro for LBS) and worked on little projects during my 2nd year to figure out what works best for me.

On the flip side, this school is not for people who don't like meeting numerous people, and networking, etc. I had some friends who felt lost and overwhelmed by everything that was available to them. You are also competing with everyone else In Europe trying to get to London.

In terms of getting into one of these schools, yes give either ur bets shot, do ur extra curricula, do well at work... But the actual selection process is a black box... You neve r know why you got into one school and not in the other..

About professors, classes and curriculum

The curriculum is OK.. I learn best from people, and there is a lot of working with your classmates.

About job placement process

All major companies recruit.. Visa policies are friendlier here than in the states... But they still exist... So world is ur oyster.. Unless you need a visa

Overall BSchool experience (5.0)
Schools contribution (5.0)
Classmates rating (5.0)

Strengths of the program:

Student body, diversity
Career opportunities provided by school

Best fit at this program:

Investment Banking

Can be improved:

Curriculum, Classes, Professors

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