July 14, 2021

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GC Tests - highly recommended for Quant.


Gmat Club offers a total of 25 Quant CATs and 08 Verbal CATs. These are, I believe toughest mocks available with regards to Quant from a credible source. Highly recommended for aspirants aiming for Q49 and above.

I used a total 8 quant mocks and benefitted a lot with scores ranging from Q43 to Q49. On the actual test, I scored Q49. I had done some silly mistakes on the test day. GC tests had prepared me for Q50.

Verbal CATs are not recommended. I took only one verbal CAT and left midway. The reason is verbal Question are tough to create as compared to Quant. Sub-standard question leads to sub-standard practice. Also, as experts suggested including GMATNinja, I stuck to OG and official mocks for verbal practice.

Last but not the least, I got the GC test for free for a period of two weeks in lieu of 60 points I received on the forum and utilised them towards the end of my preparation.

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