October 21, 2020

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3 Reasons Why I Recommend GMAT CLub Tests!


Having prepared for GMAT for almost 3.5 months, I recently started writing GMAT Club tests. During preparation, my performance on official guide questions from both Quant and Verbal sections was fairly satisfactory with a high level of accuracy (93-95%). As a result, following advice of fellow GMAT club members, I decided to purchase GMAT Club tests.
Here are the three things that have stood out for me about the Quantitative tests I have written so far:

[1] Quality of questions – Unlike questions from other test companies, GMAT Club test questions seemed much closer to the official GMAT questions vis-à-vis difficulty and clarity of language.

[2] Quality of solutions –GMAT club test solutions (GCTS) are a treasure-trove of learning. I am pleasantly surprised by how elegant, logical, and direct GCTS have been compared my solutions. GCTS highlight and strongly drive the point home that if you are structured and logical in your thinking, you can solve every 700+ level question within 2 minutes time. This has been the biggest takeaway for me.

[3] Analytics – Extremely neat and clean user-interface that really helps you pin-point your mistakes topic-wise, timing-wise, difficulty-wise. Moreover, you get to compare your performance vis-à-vis other students vis-à-vis timing and accuracy.

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