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GMAT Course Review
Great and fruitful experience
February 27 | 2013
     By Estrial 5 5


This review is for: Veritas Prep Full Course
Location: Houston, TX USA
Taught by: Mark Robinson

In a process of choosing among most prominent GMAT courses back in August 2011 I made a comparative analysis of offers, quality and references from those who’d already attended these courses. No doubt the most beneficial course to me was the September-October 2011 Full Course in Houston, Texas.

In terms of course organization it granted maximum time of study for reasonable price, abundance of online tests and amazing books with unique and distinguished approach. But whom I value the most is my professor, Mark Alan Robinson. His tutoring style was so easy-going and personal, that the audience was deeply involved into complicated and for some students unfamiliar material. Maintaining a firsthand contact with every student, Mark didn’t hesitate to stay after the lesson and to give additional explanations to those who didn't feel confident in comprehending the material. As a devoted husband and father he came up with great tips, tricks and examples illustrated by children environment and that made it so easy to keep in mind.

Another important outcome was manager’s mindset he gave us: fast, savvy and intuitive, avoiding overthinking and straightforward calculations. Overall his know-how was invaluable to me to successfully pass my test and get the scores that let me apply in top-notch schools. Thanks, Mark and Veritas, for your efforts and keep going the same way!

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