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Dan was great.


The private tutoring ultimately depends on the tutor.

My first time around with MGMAT, I had a private tutor that seemed disinterested, was hard to schedule with, and never really came up with a lesson/study plan. I ultimately scored in the mid-600s

After about a year break, I decided to take another stab at taking the GMAT. I contacted MGMAT to see if I can get my subscription extended another 2 months because I wanted to use their online resources. I was not expecting to use another tutor because of my poor experience the first time around. MGMAT informed me that I was entitled to a post exam session with a more experienced tutor. I decided to take see what would come of it.

I was put in touch with Dan, and our free session went fine and he saw some gaps and identified points of interest. Since I had 2 hours from my initial package left over, I decided to use those hours with Dan and purchased an additional 2 hours. In the span of 8 weeks, Dan and I had 4 sessions together. It was very easy to communicate and schedule meetings with him. Also, he came up with great examples to help me understand concepts. I was able to bump my score 70 points and into the low 700 area.

What surprised me the most was how helpful my sessions with Dan were even though they were online. My first tutor's sessions were all in person and it seemed to be more difficult.

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