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Good tests to practice-RECOMMENDED


Hi Readers,
we (GMATinsight) are a GMAT prep company and we have been taking all tests so that we can share with our studentsthe best test recommendation.
Here we wish to communicate to the readers that GMAT Club tests are trustworthy and are a very good practice. Where it's very difficult to trust the scoring algorithm of any test series, I found GMAT CLUB tests have very accurate scoring algorithm.

Although GMAT CLUB tests questions turn out to be more difficult than actual GMAT questions at times, still we feel the soul of questions remains the same as GMAT's.

We recommend GMAT CLUB test series to the GMAT Aspirants and although it wouldn't be right to make suggestion but if the cost of GMAT CLUB tests were lowered a little, many students might take great interest in them.

So readers, please be the part of GMAT CLUB community and earn points and kudos to redeem them against GMAT CLUB tests or simply buy them.

I congratulate @bb and @Bunuel for making these tests really a good practice.

Bhoopendra Singh

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