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EmpowerGMAT - The course i should have started my prep with


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Course EMPOWERgmat Online Course

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Before I start with my review, I should provide some background. I dived into GMAT prep without really understanding what kind of animal GMAT is and I mainly just prepared with set of Manhattan GMAT books, thinking that studying up from books would be enough. My target score was what everyone wants, a 700. I first attempted GMAT in March 2015, with nearly disastrous consequences: Q 37, V38, IR:2, AWA: 5.5. Total 620.

As you can see, my primary weakness was quant. TBH, I suck at quant. Dejected after the result, I decided to go for an online course. Another popular course had a special going on and was relatively cheaper after going through various reviews, I signed up for the said test prep. I was primarily focused on quant and barely even touched verbal during my prep second time around. I attempted the GMAT again in October 2015 and got the following result: Total 640, V42, Q35, IR4, AWA 6. While my score went up by 20 points, my quant actually WENT DOWN by 2 points while my verbal shot up 4 points – and I hadn’t even touched verbal!

After preparing for nearly 6 months, I was toroughly dejected and ready to give up on the GMAT but I decided to give it one final shot and started looking for courses again. Because I wanted to send in my applications before the deadlines, that meant I only had a month to prepare and attempt my GMAT again. I signed up with EmpowerGMAT and I’m glad I did. The strategies and tips that Rich teaches helped me be more confident during the test. Rich’s tips on triaging questions are spot on and by triaging questions, I was able to finish the test in time and without panicking through it. Having EmpowerGMAT by your side is like having your personal coach beside you; they teach, coach, motivate, strategize and root for you. Unlike other courses which focus primarily on theoretical and conceptual understanding of GMAT content, EmpowerGMAT teaches you the things you need to know to beat the exam. Like another reviewer has mentioned, after preparing with Empower you almost feel like Neo in The Matrix – you’re ready for the things you know and ready to swiftly put away things you don’t.

While theoretical and deep conceptual understanding is great if you are writing a thesis, for the GMAT you need to be prepared with strategies to tackle the exam and this is exactly what EmpowerGMAT teaches you. Nothing more, nothing less, no BS – just what you need to know to beat this exam, grab a great score and move on to applications and move on with your life.
In the end, my score after EmpowerGMAT isn’t particularly spectacular, but it is my highest yet:

Total 650
Quant: 40
Verbal: 40
IR: 5
AWA 6.0

– an improvement of only 10 points. BUT, my quantitative jumped by 5 POINTS from my previous attempt! In a month, my quant jumped 5 points and I got the highest IR and total score I have ever gotten. I must mention that I primarily prepared quant with Empower and barely touched verbal – and the 2-point drop in my verbal score from my previous attempt was caused not by Empower but rather by fatigue and sciatica from a disc bulge that distracted me during the verbal part of the exam. If not for the verbal drop – I’m pretty sure I’d have scored 670-680.

My only regret is that I could prepare with Empower only for a month. I wish I had spent more time preparing with Empower instead of wasting numerous months with other test prep methods. Had I prepared with Empower for 3 months for so, I probably could've gotten the 700 I desired. Nevertheless, my score after EmpowerGMAT combined with my applications got me into IE, ESADE and SDA Bocconi.

In the end, if you wish to be a scholar of the GMAT, you can choose whichever course you like. But if you want to beat the GMAT, grab a great score and move on to admission applications – EmpowerGMAT is the course to go for.

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