August 15, 2018

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A must-have in your GMAT Kit


I have always had an On-off relationship with the GMAT. But I have always made it a routine to visit GMATClub and solve at least 4-5 questions, create a post or two and try solving doubts of people.

I had read a lot about GMATClub tests and now that I am in the last two weeks of my second GMAT attempt, I got GMATClub test and I have started to solve them. I must say that the level of Quant questions on the GMATClub tests is higher than the level you'd find on the actual GMAT. You may not score 50-51 consistently on GMATClub, but if you keep on trying, check the test performance regularly, analyse your mistakes and make it a routine to get back to these questions every 2-3 days, I could definitely say that you'd improve your score on the actual GMAT without a doubt. The pool of questions in GMATClub, especially the quantum and the level of Quant questions is exhaustive, covering all the topics, all difficulty level (including the difficulty much higher than actual GMAT).

GMATClub has limited Verbal tests but the best part about the questions is that the level is either at par with the actual GMAT or above GMAT.

Having GMATClub tests in your kitty will surely give you an idea on where you stand, how to improve and by how much through its well-curated tests. Since the difficulty level of GMATClub tests is higher than the actual GMAT, the test-taker shall feel more comfortable in solving the problems on the actual GMAT because he already has ample practice in dealing with tough questions under time pressure.

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