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With the help from Esmeralda and Accepted, I got accepted by my top preferred MBA school. Other than this offer, I also received 6 other offers from top 10 to top 25 schools - some schools offer me full scholarship, 40% scholarship, and 60% scholarship.

In the beginning, I was under a time stress because I didn't start the service and applications work until late Dec, 2018, and I was trying to submit everything in Jan around to 9 schools. Eventually, I decided to work with Esmeralda on only 4 schools. Esmeralda knows her stuff and knows how to approach the essay writing, resume, and applications in a strategic way. She also provided me suggestions in terms of how to network with school and present myself better during in-person meeting with school's staff. I totally relied on her strategy and decisions. I never doubted her comments, and I received her full support and feedback in a very timely manner.

Esmeralda cares the candidates and spends time to know the candidates' background well. She never oversold me anything. We decided on the service package together based on my interest and financial positions.

From my experiences of working with her and the results I got, I have to say that my decision to work with Esmeralda and Accepted on my MBA applications is one of the best decisions I made in my life so far. I highly recommend Esmeralda and Accepted to you if you are seeking help on MBA applications.

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