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Before EmpowerGMAT, I've never participated in any GMAT courses and was preparing on my own. My first score on CAT was 430. After self-preparation, I scored in high 500 (560-580) with Q39-40 and V27-28. I studied and practiced with EmpowerGMAT from October to December 2015. After the course, I managed to improve my quant score by 7 points and scored Q47. It was a huge improvement for me. Later on, I used EmpowerGMAT approach to practice on my own and I was able to improve my verbal up to 38. But from my point of view Math part of the course is much more thorough and detailed than Verbal, so for the Verbal part I also used outside sources, such as Ultimate Grammar from the GMAT club! Still, SC and CR videos played a major role in my verbal improvement.
Techniques (Test it, CR box, etc) offered by the course really helped me to be more concentrated both on practice and real tests.
Staff and teachers (especially, Rich) of EmpowerGMAT were very helpful and answered my questions promptly.

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