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I know there are so many positive reviews for this software already, but I cannot stress how much of a difference this software and the tutors made in my studies for the GMAT. The Economist GMAT Tutor helped me achieve my goal, with a load of extra points tacked on.

Software (5/5):
The software is crazy easy to use. This is definitely a huge positive because if the interface wasn't user friendly, it would have added a lot of stress to my studies. Overall the program does a great job of identifying your weaknesses, and then forcing you to continue to practice those weaknesses. The latter makes the software inherently time efficient because I was only studying material I either didn't know or didn't understand very well. The other interesting thing the software does is keep track of your progress through the course and what your approximate score will be based on your completion and your success rate on practice questions/tests. This feature was useful but don't pay too much attention to it in terms.

Quant (4.5/5):
The quant portion of the course is all you could possibly need to score a Q49 and maybe even a Q50. The practice problems they give are very representative of those I saw on the test, though I don' think the Economist GMAT Tutor necessarily has a bunch of Q50 or Q51 questions. I wouldn't not get this course just because of the latter, just make sure to supplement your quant practice with the OG (which you should no matter what).

Verbal (6/5):
Seriously the verbal portion of this course is really what makes this course awesome. I went from a V34 to V44 on the actual test. The Economist GMAT Tutor gives a systematic, but very effective method of eliminating answer choices in sentence correction. If verbal is your weakness, sentence correction in particular, this course has the potential to increase your score by a significant magnitude. The CR and the RC sections are very strong as well. There was not a single verbal question I was not ready to tackle on the test thanks to the Economist GMAT Tutor.

Live Tutors (4.5/5):
I utilized 4 or 5 live tutor sessions and enjoyed them very much. I focused most of my time improving in the verbal section and Jake was my tutor for every section. He was very knowledgeable and very friendly and really helped me take my verbal game to the next level. The only downside about the live tutor sessions is that you have to schedule them quite a while ahead of time.

Practice Tests (5/5):
The practice tests were most definitely representative of what I saw on both GMATPREP, and what I saw on the actual exam. The difficulty was very similar and the scope of both quant and verbal questions were on par with the actual thing. The Economist prep tests gave a very accurate predictor of my score on the real exam.

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September 29, 2016

is the software avaible free ??