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My opening advice to anyone considering Empower: get in now before everyone realizes what a great prep company this is and Empower is able to raise its prices!

I somewhat started my GMAT journey last summer going the self prep route. It was unmotivating and unproductive-my score didn't budge an inch. I gave up for several months before deciding to give it a go one more time in December. I did some comparisons and since I didn't want to shell out over a grand for one of the big companies, decided on Empower. One of the best decisions I've made.

Their schedule kept me motivated beyond what I expected (I'm a sucker for a to do list). The lessons were user-friendly and information packed. And their general test-taking advice was extremely useful. But the kicker for me is that Empower's customer service is unbelievable considering how little they charge. I wrote some embarrassingly long, obsessive emails and someone from Empower always responded promptly with great advice and pointers. Essentially like a one-on-one tutor.

I don't expect that Empower will remain a small GMAT prep company for long. I credit them in a large part for my 760.

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