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Veritas Prep -- Very Helpful


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My verbal skills weren't that great in high school (I scored 630 on the SAT Verbal), but I did think they improved through college. Despite this, I signed up for a weekend intensive course through Veritas.

The reasoning for Veritas was twofold: The timing was best, and they offered a verbal-only course.

Anyway, because of the course, I had access to 8 practice tests. I didn't study anything else (until the course). I just took practice tests. I wanted to get the timing right. I actually would take the same test multiple times to make sure that concepts sunk in. Being that the test is adaptive, when you retake it and change a wrong answer (the first go-round) to a correct answer this time, you get new questions afterwards. I'd keep track of my scores the first time I took each practice test, but I would retake each test until I had a 790, and then I'd move on.

This process continued for 2 weeks. Note, I didn't study at all on the weekends (course time excluded), I thought my 40 hour weeks of studying was enough.

The weekend course was really an all day thing both Saturday and Sunday. I had my test the Thursday immediately following the course.

That Monday I wrote practice essays for the first time. I didn't think there was any need beforehand, and the course gave what was a surefire way to score a 6 on the AWA, so I just needed to make sure the timing worked. For the rest of the week, I just took practice tests during work. My scores were improving and I was consistently 730+ with verbal scores being anywhere from 38 to 49.

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