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Novice Review: More Closeness to Official Questions


I have taken two GMAT Club Tests and felt few things which could be improved upon basis my expertise and experience of GMAT questions

1. While taking and reviewing tests, many common test takers (including me) expect that the questions are followed with holistic expert answer covering all facets of the question and its ambiguity rather than the not-so-useful comments of the other test takers (few negative comments, i was surprised to see few people questioning the authenticity about a quant question (and trust me it was genuine). This is kind of weird and does not look good or motivate other

2. Quant questions are made or framed more towards concept exceptions and advanced logics. A common GMAT taker would expect the questions to be as similar as the official ones and also the order in which they are selected

3. Verbal Questions - I am 100% sure that quality of questions need to be improved. Their are certain questions which may not be 100% accurate.

4. Also while taking the test, their was a bug that if i have not selected any answer and pressed "Enter" key twice, then automatically the last choice (E) was selected and i was moved to the next question. Happened twice.

5. I would suggest that a better Graphic User Interface similar to the GMAT would definitely help in making candidates feel better and more close towards the actual test

6. A weekly Full CAT Test for the non-subscribed GMAT CLUB members where they can take one complete test free of cost and then subscribe for the further analysis or to take ten more. Rewards for the highest scorers and all, etc.

7. And at last i would like to thank all the founders, board of directors, experts, moderators and everyone else for making this forum lively and motivating.

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