January 09, 2013

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Paul Lanzillotti is like the Rick Ross of MBA admissions - that is to say, he is the BOSS.

I used Paul on a 2 school package this year and cannot recommend him enough. While I browsed through and spoke with several admissions consulting firms, Amerasia was the only one that stood out. The initial call lasted almost two hours and made it very clear that:
1) Paul knows a LOT about business schools and how to position you best with each and
2) Paul really cares and wants to see his clients succeed. While other firms tried to lower my expectations because of my fewer years of work experience than most applicants, Paul raised my confidence and told me to consider some Top-7 schools rather than the Top-20 that I was considering.

The choice to use Paul was easy – but the editing process (thankfully) was not! Paul was never afraid to tell me if a draft was completely off point, yet was always able to provide thoughtful suggestions on how to recover. Paul and I started way early, spoke nearly every week and spent months editing and honing my essays.

The best thing about Paul was that from our first call, he already had a strategy on how I could connect the dots of my academic and career experience to tell a story of myself. He turned my unique background from what I perceived as a weakness into a major strength! Paul could also bring out insight from our talks that I was previously unable to bring out on my own. By the time my interviews came around, I knew my story and what I had to offer so well that the process went very smoothly. Paul’s months of guidance definitely were to thank!

Beyond this all, Paul was always an excellent sounding board and a calming influence during the stressful months before and after sending in my applications. Overall he is a cool guy as well and fun to work with, even through the monotony of editing essays.

Thanks to Paul’s help, I was accepted at Kellogg, a dream school of mine! I wholeheartedly recommend Paul & Amerasia to anyone looking for the most insightful consultants who are behind their clients 100%.

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