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E-GMAT Mock Test : Perfect ESR and more


Over the past couple years I have given numerous mocks of most major companies(MGMAT, Veritas, Princeton). All of them have their pros and cons. So, I tried this mock as well, I feel the E-GMAT mocks does provide all the analysis that other companies do, plus some extra improved scoring and reporting of each topic.
The analysis and insights you get after the mock can help you pinpoint the exact areas you should be focusing on. Moreover, it tells you a score out of 51 for each question type(CR, SC RC) individually. So, if your target score is V40 and you scored V34, it will show you individually how you performed on each question type(like for me it was 25/51 with RC, 34/51 with SC and 44/51 in CR), it will tell you how much is the difference in score for you and the target score.
GMAT is a test of limits, and it will make you uncomfortable, and this test had a lot of questions that made me uncomfortable. This was a difficult one as in the real test. In the progress report you can really see that as the
level of question increases you are balancing between accuracy and time.

With a good analysis of each mock, you can get quite a few takeaways from each test, its all about the data. Apply on the next test, and see your score improve.

Happy Learning.

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