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Positive experience with August Academy


Soon after writing my GMAT, as part of my research about admissions consultants, I came across August Academy as well. A friend of mine suggested I choose August Academy due to his successful experience with them. He secured an admission in the MIT SDM programme with Karthik's help. (Founder of August Academy). My first experience with Karthik was about an hour long discussion where we spoke about my profile and what I was looking to achieve. I found Karthik to be a very straight forward person who lists out the pros n cons your profile in the very beginning. I had a vision in mind as to what kind of courses I wanted to apply to and Karthik made me understand what in my resume would work for and against my vision. He also suggested several great courses during our discussion stage,some of them that I dint know of and while doing so he never imposed any choice on me. He always helped me make my choices and provided the right guidance. After our initial discussion stage, Karthik gave me an admissions kit to work on that consisted of several documents that included personality tests., questionnaire s regarding my goals, interests, etc, to do lists and other admission related stuff. This exercise I believe was crucial in me securing a successful admission at SDM programme at MIT SLOAN. Many of the questions that I answered were what I encountered in one or many of the applications that I filled up. In addition to this, Karthik really helped changed the face of my resume and helped me in highlighting the most important points in an attractive way. Through this process not only did I end up with a great resume but also learnt a great deal about crafting effective resumes. With Karthik s help I applied to 3 schools and got calls from 2 of them. I applied to exactly the schools that I aimed at and come out satisfied from the admission s counseling experience. All in all, I think August Academy is definitely a great choice if you are looking to better to chances at getting into your dream school.

I also availed August Academy's services for interview prep. I have to say that I got through this interview only with Karthik's help. Due a personal tragedy I was going through a particularly difficult phase during the time around my interview. Karthik helped me with the list of questions that I should expect and helped and pushed me to craft attractive answers to them. I must say that due to the turmoil I was going through , I prepped exactly the questions he gave me and that was good enough for me to crack the interview. He also conducted several mock interviews with me and encourged me and gave me several tips to crack the interviews. This review would not be complete without me giving a huge shout out to Karthik's pep talks that he gave me during the mock interviews and before my actual interview. They really helped me step up and give my best during the interview. I would definitely recommend August Academy for their services.

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