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I signed up for EmpowerGMAT 3 months. I completed the course within 6 weeks. But in my very next attempt I was unable to improve my score much. But that was all on me as I panicked in the exam.I contacted EmpowerGMAT and wanted to discuss what I should change. I have no experience with other prep companies, but I was amazed to see the advice I could get from EMPOWERgmatRichC himself. Rich was prompt in his responses and help me address my issues with more than 20 emails back and forth. I honestly did not expect such a service and so thankful to Rich and his team (specially Stacy).

I took my official exam last week and scored 730 (Q49, V41) :)

In summary what helped me the most were the strategies such as testing the answers, picking numbers (Test It!) and most importantly avoid spending too much time on tough questions in Quant and just guess (Triage) some questions.

I wouldn't have been able to know of any of these strategies if not for EmpowerGMAT. Considering these Strategies plus amazing service, I highly recommend Empower GMAT.

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