June 09, 2018

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Gmat club tests: A must have for Quant


GMAT Club tests do indeed stand for their excellency in Quant questions. Verbal is on an average scale when compared to other tests, but I personally think that quant section is worthy.
The adaptability can be spotted in Quant but not in verbal. These are the first tests i have taken after the new pattern change in GMAC. Hence, I will like to check with other tests too regarding the adaptability comparison with other tests.
The questions are intriguing, enticing and well-rounded. Their explanations are wise and well informed by best moderators.
The scoring algorithm is a bit off in verbal, with few questions debatable and with skeptical answers. Verbal section can be improved. Sometimes we can see the harder questions popping out from the very 3rd question in verbal.
However, I find the tests very useful because of their resourceful insights in Quantitative and most verbal questions. Best Practice for a race against time. I have completed Real GMAT exam quant section in 36 min / 75 min. But I take around 55 min to 60 min to complete the Quant section in GMAT club.

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