August 06, 2018

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GMAT Club Test - must practice before final test


I came across GMAT club test via different posts when I searched for how to go from Q49 to Q51.
I got the free subscription with eGMAT course. My quant score was already consistent at 49 and I wanted to push it further to 50-51. So I started with these tests and it really startled me in the beginning. In the initial 5 tests i was not able to score more than 46. Also, the i was lagging behind time in each and every test which led to guessing 6-7 questions in the end. This was the level of questions and the low score encouraged me to practice more and more out of it. This not only improved my timing but also the gave me confidence on my answers till the last question.
I recommend these test to one who is really looking forward to score in range of 49-51. The practice of 26 test is really something that would make one to feel at ease during actual GMAT Quant.

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