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Johnson MBA--Alum Perspective


This review is for Johnson (Cornell)

Program Cornell One Year MBA Program

Class of 2013

Experience during the program

I graduated a few years ago and am most likely getting ready to wrap up my stint as a consultant. Coming in to the program, I was looking for diversity in both student body and experiences. Johnson was perfect for this. Our strengths are notably in IB and consulting; many of my classmates and friends are enjoying successful careers at great firms.

Despite the relatively small size, there's ample opportunity to explore and be a part of various meaningful groups and organizations.

Student body is diverse, extremely smart and motivated, but most importantly fun and supportive. I was in the One year MBA, but have made life-long friends across all the programs.

I would highly recommend Johnson. I've been involved in recruiting and interviewing for my firm this past year, and I would say the talent pool is very strong.

About professors, classes and curriculum

Sometimes integration between 1 and 2 year MBAs isn't fluid. Its highly variable and depends on the class. I would recommend more cross-class interactions and project work to create a more cohesive group at Sage.

Go Big Red!

Overall BSchool experience (5.0)
Schools contribution (5.0)
Classmates rating (5.0)

Strengths of the program:

Curriculum, Classes, Professors
Alumni Network
Culture & Student Support

Best fit at this program:

Investment Banking

Can be improved:

Specialization in a particular area (e.g. Finance, Consulting, Healthcare, etc)

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