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A solid course to improve your Quant from scratch


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Course Veritas Prep On-Demand

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Quantitative Part: Prior to start of the course, I had good quant but lacked organization in some of my decisions and also had a struggle with theory of probability and combinatorics. Thanks to Veritas Prep, I was able to improve in Quant section and get consistency and organization. Also, I finally understood combinatorics!
There were still some specific types of exercises from the forum which I found useful but could not find similar exercises in Veritas Prep course, however, I understand that there is a huge database of GMAT quant questions, and it is nearly impossible to have all questions in the course. Also some problems were not explained in a convenient way, i.e. inequalities, and I had to listen to webinars to understand these problems better. Particularly for me most lectures on Quant were easy, as I had a certain background in Math, but the lectures are good for people with no knowledge in Math at all as these lectures provide students with such basic information as multiplication table for instance. The exercises for practice after lectures are quite challenging in some topics and that is what I liked.
Verbal Section: My humble opinion is that it is difficult to improve your verbal section score on GMAT within a short period of time and it is much easier to improve on Quant rather than on Verbal. The most useful part of the course was sentence correction for me because in the lectures many tips were provided to overcome difficulties with these types of questions.
Integrated Reasoning: VeritasPrep has a really good database of Integrated Reasoning tasks and while many students do not concentrate on it, I think VeritasPrep is a good place to learn about this section.
Practice Tests: To my mind, the practice tests offered by Veritas Prep are quite challenging and may appear more difficult than the real test. I always had a time defficiency with practice tests on Veritas Prep, and while it gave me additional stress, I had to learn harder in order to be prepared for my final exam. As a result, I was prepared well enough for my real exam.
Additional Comments: I liked the way the lectures were presented. Also, in solutions section, I liked the way in which some of the exercises were solved - without extra efforts and time-efficiently. Finally, there are office hours where you can ask questions from instructors, and that is great! The instructors are helpful and prepared. Unfortunately, I could not use this feature a lot because of my time zone.
To sum, this is a good course which I would recommend to take to another person. However, there are some small gaps which could be closed for this course to become even better.

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