May 31, 2020

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A good test set which could have been great !!!

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Overall, I am happy with this product and believe it provides very good practice for test-takers. I do have a few issues.
Firstly, I doubt this set truly follows an adaptive pattern. I got several 600-700 level questions right in a row yet didn't see a 700 level question. Conversely, sometimes I was only solving 700 level questions in-spite of getting previous few questions wrong.
Secondly, the scoring seemed to be based on performance in each session rather than a test. This means I can have a score based on 2 quant sessions or 2 verbal sessions or quant from one test and verbal from another test session. I personally find this system counter-productive to evaluate a test-taker's level.
Finally, I got an incredibly easy verbal session wherein I scored V45 which lead my score to be 750. I used to get V32-V35 normally. An abnormally easy session which spikes your score is a real possibility in this set.
I have no doubt that all questions are GMAT level questions but a lack of adaptive algorithm in these tests means you could end up solving series of easy or difficult questions irrespective of your performance on previous questions.

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