January 20, 2021

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Thanks so much Karen-from a Wharton and CBS admit


When I decided to apply to Wharton, Columbia, and Chicago Booth, I thought getting into any of these programs would be next to impossible for someone with my background. Now, after working with Karen for my Round 1 admissions-class of 2023-I have offers from both Wharton and Columbia in what was the most competitive app cycle in years. I still can’t believe it.

Throughout the application process, Karen was phenomenal and supportive, especially because I didn’t believe in my own candidacy. She did. Karen sharpened my resume, drew out my personal history and stories and had me tell them as clearly as possible in my essays. More, her understanding of what it takes to get into these top programs gave me a significant edge. This manifested in her relentlessness in ensuring that each draft of my essay and resume strengthened my candidacy and ensured that I stand out in the broader applicant pool.

Karen was also quite hands on with my interview prep for all three schools. I remember, she went to great lengths to ensure I was familiar with Wharton's Team Based Discussion and organized a mock TBD just so I could get a feel for what to expect on interview day. With her guidance, I scaled all three interviews.

Honestly, what I am most sure of is that I likely wouldn’t have received any of these offers without her guidance. Thanks Karen.

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