November 29, 2016

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Interview Coaching w/ Natalie


I used Natalie on three separate occasions: first for a one-hour consulting session and twice for interview coaching sessions. First, I found Accepted's rates reasonable when compared to other consulting services given Natalie's background. Second, the communication between Natalie and me was great! She was always quick to respond. As for the consulting sessions themselves, Natalie was a HUGE help, especially with my interviews. I don't have a ton of practice with interviews, and I don't think I would have gotten into Columbia and Stern without her help. As a side note, I also had interviews at Fuqua and Darden last year. I did not use an admissions coach beforehand, and I was waitlisted at both schools. With Natalie's help, I had much better interviews with Columbia and Stern and was able to get into both. I also liked that Natalie provided me with both verbal and written feedback, as it was helpful to refer back to her emails later. During our mock interviews, she was appropriately critical, but by the end, she left me feeling very confident in my ability to interview well.

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