November 05, 2020

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Undoubtedly the best quizzes to score well!


I was skeptical about crossing even 600, as I did not practice quant or verbal for at least 4 years. I studied the Official Guide first and got my basics fine-tuned. I realized that I was horrible at Verbal, and so I took the E-GMAT verbal course. To my surprise, I found the complimentary GMAT Club Test with the course and I opted for it.

I started attempting 20 questions a day of quants section from club tests. On the test day, I realized that my score in Quant improved significantly from 44 to 49, while my Verbal improved only from 30 to 33. I was able to score 680.

If I break up my time devoted to each section, I gave only 40 minutes to Quant and 2 hours 20 minutes to the Verbal section every day. The results prove that the GMAT Club tests have a lot of questions to prepare one to surpass the Q47 mark quite easily. Thanks to GMAT Club, I can definitely say it could happen because of the tests and quizzes.

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