September 02, 2017

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Most useful for quant


I wish I had discovered these tests right at the beginning of my preparation. The quality of the questions for the 26 quant tests is unmatched . These tests give the best return on investment. The questions as such are not as tough and do not involve lots of lengthy calculations like those on Manhattan tests, but all the questions are super tricky and challenging. I sometimes felt too frustrated when I did not fare well in quite a lot of these tests, but my failures and diligence to improve on the subsequent tests prepared me for the real thing. On a good day, I scored anywhere from 44-50 on these tests and I scored Q49 on the real thing. However, at times (several of them) I could not even cross 30. So my advice is that do not feel disheartened during the first few quant tests if you do not score decently, but continue to learn from your mistakes and you will surely see the difference later.

Verbal Review: The verbal tests were not bad, I attempted them all. I used them as additional material to challenge myself with verbal logic. However, the underlying logic in the questions (especially SC) was not at all similar to the questions on the real GMAT. I could hardly cross V30 on any of the verbal tests, except a couple of them. I got V41 on the real thing. So I would advice you to not rely so much on the Verbal tests.

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May 16, 2018

Hi Aanch24,

Your review mentioning that you couldn’t cross 30 on some days is like a breath of life for me at the moment - I’m done with 12 GMAT club Quant Tests and have scored above 40 in 6 of them. The scores range from 40-46.
In the rest, I’ve scored in the high 30’s (above 36). I’m so discouraged and frustrated because I have my actual exam in 20 days and my target score is Q49! I received a Q46 in the last GMATPrep mock I gave (no repeat questions but lots of silly mistakes due to nerves).

Can you post your range of scores in the GMATClub Tests? Also, any advice on how to get the most out of them?

Thank you!