June 18, 2016

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GCT- Must to leap beyond Q45


I have scored 550 on my first test: ( Q45, V21) in August 2014. Thereafter I have taken GMAT Club tests subscription and completed only 30% of the huge question bank.
The explanations given by bunuel and the access to discuss the questions openly is excellent. Questions have been created around very small and minor concepts that on getting the question incorrect and once you review after you have gotten it wrong, such concepts get drilled down at the DNA level.

Once, you have that nana level understanding and knowledge about GMAC expectations about the Data sufficiency questions, you start to see the same questions in a very different light.

Although I have not completed the entire course, I started to see some improvement and hence, booked a test date of Jan 2016.

My quant is currently at Q48 and I am certain that if I do the GMAT Club tests completely, it is bound to reach Q 49 with the guarantee.

In the latest GMAT, I have score Q48 & V38. ( 700). I am certain about the scope for further improvement.

I look forward to continuously take the GCT questions and improve my scores.

Anyone, who is ready to get the Spartans training and ready to pitch in those many hours ( Roughly 250 Hours ) for the entire bank, can bank on Gmat club tests & he / she is bound to win the war.

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