September 12, 2017

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Excellent for quants, needs more good quality verbal questions


I got GMAT club tests access through collecting kudos and thus had three months free access to the tests. The tests are a great help as it allows one to create his/her own tests by selecting the number of questions, topics and difficulty levels. One can use this feature effectively as and when one gets more confident in his/her prep stage. The difficutly level on the Tests may be high but it prepares you for the worst and when you finally see the solution you realise that even the 700 level questions were doable. That's the beauty of these Tests. They keep you on your toe and at the same time make you realise the importance of paying attention to finer details in the problem.
For Verbal I would say the tests lack collection of good quality questions which are within the purview of official questions. I solved a few SC and RC questions and as I am pretty familiar with the pattern of questions asked on the GMAT, I realised that these were not really falling within those parameters.
Nevertheless, as I am someone who's less confident in Quants, the GMAT Club tests are a blessing. Their in depth analysis really helps you organise your overall performance and almost makes use of error log redundant. I'd suggest go for them, even if just for quants!

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