March 26, 2021

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Gmatclub tests awesome

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This is unbiased review of gmatclub.
A preview of me:
I am typical Indian engg that goes to undergrad with no idea of his/her future.
After my undergrad, I decided I wanted to switch fields and what better than a MBA for my future career.

I have prepared across several platforms, namely Magoosh, egmat and gmat prep software.
By far the content, quality and quantity is the most rich in gmat club tests.
It not only serves you with the questions that are very closely related to the concepts tested on real gmat but so many of them that if you do go through them you're destined to improve your score by in a range of 50-100 given that you are doing it religiously.

Also I have given it 4 stars because I think the verbal tests could have more content and nothing in this world is perfect. But that's what makes us human, chasing perfection perfect.

Thanks bb n Bunuel you guys are great. Keep up the good work.

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