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This review is for: Amerasia Complete School Package
Consultant: Adam Hoff

Adam Hoff is the honest, objective, critical thinker that I needed to aid me in the application process. You probably need him, too.


1. Without Adam, I would have made the mistake of relying on people who are a) to close to me and already know my story or b) admissions consultants who, in trying to help their candidate, become too close to the applicant and their story.

In both cases, the adviser cannot evaluate the application objectively; they are drawing from the picture that they have constructed over hours of phone calls or years of working with you, not just what is on the paper. There is an inverse relationship between familiarity and objectivity, and that’s a big problem when admissions can only go off of what’s on paper.

I commend Adam for keeping such rigorous protocol on objective editing and application support. I feel that is rare and overlooked.

2. Without Adam, it could easily have taken me double the amount of time it did to complete my three applications. This is coming from a person who once believed the essays would be the “easy” part.

However, I quickly realized how difficult it can be to select the right story, select the right tone, and organize the essay in a way that makes sense. Balancing passion with objective business skills, for example, was just one challenge that Adam quickly advised me on. I found myself committing the same mistakes from essay to essay, actually. Adam was critical in helping me find the right approach.

3. Without Adam, I probably would have been a lot more stressed (and I like to remain pretty laid back). The application process is stressful enough as it is, so it really is helpful to feel as though you have a partner in the process that has been there, done that, and knows the application process cold. He is excellent at synthesizing information and capturing the most important points of stories that I couldn’t seem to break into compelling sound bites.

4. Without Adam, I would not have had the opportunity to have a mock interview with a well-qualified third-party who, for the sake of objectivity was completely unfamiliar with my story, and gave insightful, critical, and honest feedback. I felt extremely confident and comfortable for my first, real B-school interview.

Additional: Of course, Amerasia has a mastery of the "basic must-haves:" editing, proof-reading, school-specific guidance, etc.


Amerasia is not the cheapest complete school admissions consulting package on the market. The program is not "cheap" when compared to some of the lowest priced consultants, but the value and ROI is well worth it. I spoke with admissions consultants from three different companies before deciding on Amerasia. It did not make sense for me to pay half the cost for what I perceived as half the service and someone reading from a Sales script. While not everyone can get admitted, if you do, the price is obviously well worth it. I don't see the MBA application process as a time to leave anything on the table.


Adam believed in my candidacy, understood my relatively non-traditional, non-linear path relatively quickly, and provided me with assistance that was invaluable.

From my experience, you can't go wrong with Adam.

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