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Well, I would like to really cut it short while evaluating and assessing the Veritas Prep test review.
When i was in a dilemma as to which test prep companies would be better to drill me through a close enough mock test yet reliable scoring algorithm , i had many options in my Mind. However i zeroed in to two Prep companies , one of which was Veritas.
1. The exam mode was set in different style as per the need of a student such as with Extra time or Recommended time etc. ( I chose only Standard Time)
2 . I can say the quality of questions are good enough for a mock . Some of the free mocks i took of other prep companies other than Veritas were really horrible. I am glad that i chose Veritas and their Question bank was really helpful which came along with Test set .
3. The analysis part is great where you can see what time you took and where you faltered and then it shows the graph which makes your assessment little easy to work hard towards your goal.

1. No break up of Section wise improve like Gmat club does in its test. Such as in which part of quant (i.e. Algebra, Inequality etc) you are strong or weak. This would have made my analysis more easier than it did.

I only could find one con which i told. Overall You can go for this test as per my concern. . Thank you Veritas ,

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