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GMAT Club Tests - Worth Buying


About quant, I have encountered similar quant questions on my real tests, so I think the question pool is really good. But you don't need to do all those questions. I bought the pro package and I scheduled each full-length test every week for 7 weeks. That will take all of the individual verbal tests (because the full-length tests or the individual tests share the same pool) and leave around 20 individual quant tests. You can complete 3-4 of these a week also. So I don't think you need to do the leftover questions, because they are quite a lot. Only doing them if you have time.

For verbal, I think RC questions are not as long and hard as the real test. For CR, I encountered questions with almost exactly similar reasoning on the real test, so I think it's really good. For SC, GMAT Club Tests are quite harder, so don't be put off by the difficulty.

Overall, for its price, I think it's worth buying for anyone in the final stage of preparation, aiming to reach 700+. These tests perfected my skills so that I could achieve 760 (Q50, V42) in my very first attempt, although my aim was only around 730-740 (which I what I achieved in the GMAT PREP Test 1 & 2).

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