June 24, 2020

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Great for Quant


I took the GMAT Club Tests subscription mainly to improve my quant score. I think the questions are of high quality and the explanations are great as well. The best thing is that Bunuel actually tries to reply to most of the queries posted on the forum in relation to the Quant questions.

I have definitely learned newer and faster ways to approach quant problems and my scores on the Official GMAT CATs have shot up.

However, I not a big fan of the verbal questions bank. I am not sure if the questions are too hard or if they are not up to the GMAT standards. My verbal scores in the GMAT Prep mocks have been in the range of high-30s to low-40s, but my scores in the GMAT Club Verbal tests are in the range of high-20s to low-30s. I stopped taking the verbal CATs after just 2 tests.

In any case, I would definitely recommend GMAT Club Tests for Quant.

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