July 20, 2016

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Here's someone who truly wants you to succeed


Through the Forte MBA Launch program, I worked with Angela through a series of workshops - self-awareness, storytelling, MBA resume protocol, career game plan, and essay writing tips.

All her workshops have been very insightful and helpful. Time and time you will hear again that the MBA process is quite rewarding as you get to learn more about yourself. However, introspection is not easy. Angela made this challenge easier to tackle with her self-awareness workshop. If you use this effectively, it really will set the stage for our application process (post GMAT).

I walked away from each session with digestible and actionable information. I knew what steps I needed to take to use her advice. I found this as key because it's not easy transform all the advice into next steps, but Angela did a great job.

Before I engaged with Angela, I was set on my GMAT. One of my only worries has been essay writing (or storytelling as she'll tell you) and these workshops have given me a great tool kit to rely on.

The Boot Camp is a great way to kick start your application process and Angela's passion to truly help you will only enhance your journey.

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