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Course Veritas Prep Full Course Live Online

Instructor Ravi Sreerama

Location Online

I began working on my GMAT studies on my own for a few months through self study and online resources such as GMAT Club, GMAC Test Guides, and Manhattan GMAT which were helpful but not getting me to the level of understanding and strategy necessary for a top score on test day, being stuck in the low 600's.

Stuck, I decided to look around at online courses at the suggestion of some friends of mine. My biggest concern however was not only the time commitment and online nature of the course, but the upfront asking price of ~$1,300 for the full online course too. After looking through online reviews and a few conversations with Vertias Prep customer service, the program seemed like a good investment and bit the bullet on the package.

I choose Ravi Sreerama as my instructor based off the positive reviews I had seen online, and it was a good thing too because by the first weekend it was easy to realize I made the right choice. Ravi is a very outgoing and easy to talk to instructor who 100% cares about each and everyone of his students. Each three hour course will have you learning a lot on how to avoid being punished by the trickery on the test, but Ravi is the perfect partner on reinforcing these skill sets and making sure you learn by doing.

Don't expect to simply be preached at for three hours. During practice sets Ravi will private message you either telling you good work, or question why you are getting questions wrong and what he can do to help improve your understanding. Ravi genuinely cares about you and your ability in the class, so long as you put in the effort and commitment. I actually got to the point where I would feel bad coming to a class unprepared (such as not doing the pre-lecture homework) as I knew I would mess up practice problems and almost feel like I was letting Ravi down! I didn't expect to grow a personal relationship with someone teaching an online course, but I did, and that's something I truly respect.

Beyond just Ravi, Vertias Prep is a great resource in itself. The website design is slick, it comes packaged with a lot of practice tests, and homework sets that will help tackle question type with detailed descriptions on how to get to the right answer. Some of the trickiest problems are also solved through video lessons, which is nice as well. On demand courses and live help sessions every day are great too (Matt who runs those is a really cool guy too).

My one slight complaint (if you want to call it that) around the course is the lack of emphasis on the books that are given for the course. Everything is pretty much online, so they almost feel kind of pointless to have? However there are additional resources found within them, but there really isn't any kind of guide to tell you what "supplemental" information can be gained from the books.

Overall the course was awesome and fully recommend to anyone who needs an added boost to their understanding of the GMAT! Thanks Ravi Sreerama.

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