October 18, 2016

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Quant Jump from 42 to 47 and expecting 49 in my next attempt.


As an engineer, it is very disappointing to see Q42. The least you expect is Q47. I failed to understand the reason behind the low quant score because, during the break between Quants and Verbal, I felt I rocked Quants section and I will be scoring Q48 easily as I was getting the answers in PS part and DS also seemed good. My expectation was shattered when I saw Q42 which pulled down my overall score. (Just to give you an idea, I gave GMAT prep mocks only and I was scoring Q47 and Q48 and was using free resources on GMAT Club)
After I subscribed to GMAT club tests, scoring consistently in the range of Q44-Q46 (difficulty level is little higher btw) and also reviewed each question, I came to know where my weakness lied. It was falling into traps and forgetting to read the question properly and then attacking it rather than start solving it with equations the moment you see the question. I always assumed a lot in certain questions such as this one –
If 10^a * 3^b * 5^c = 450^n, what is the value of c?
Statement 1: a is 1
Statement 2: b is 2
Here unless it is not mentioned a, b, c are integers, you won't be able to find the value of C. I ended up picking D , but the answer is E, that was a silly error on my part and mind you GMAT Is more of a Tricky Exam, it gets even trickier on 700+ so Gmat Club helps to avoid those silly errors you might end up doing on 700+ questions.
When you review questions on GMAT Club tests you may also get an easier way to find the solution such as this problem -
How many positive 5-digit integers have the odd sum of their digits?
A. 9*10^2
B. 9*10^3
C. 10^4
D. 45*10^3
E. 9*10^4
(Hint: Symmetry)
Here you learn how to tackle using symmetry and not by taking cases which will take a lot of time and you may not even arrive at an answer.
Above were just a few examples, there is even more such trickier question you can afford to get wrong on GMAT club tests and learn about it rather than on the GMAT.I reached Q47 just after 10 days of subscribing, now I am aiming for Q49 at least and I am sure I’ll be able to do it as I have overcome my shortcomings and also learnt a great deal.
Thanks! To GMAT club tests.
Experts such as @Bunuel and @sayantanc2k replied to my query within 18 hours, sometimes even couple of hours after posting the query, so I thank them as well.

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