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Score increases after taking Live Online course with Chris Kane


Improvement 90 Points

Course Veritas Prep Full Course Live Online

Instructor Chris Kane

Location Online

TL;DR – For me, the Veritas Prep live online format was surprisingly more effective than a traditional classroom format. It combines taking the class in an environment that’s most comfortable for you and interacting in real time with your fellow students and instructors. At the midpoint of the course, I already saw a 90-point practice test score increase. If that doesn’t represent success and improvement, then I don’t know what does!

I decided that I needed some outside GMAT test prep after coming having a classic freak out over the realization that I was completely unprepared for a fast approaching GMAT test date. I initially balked at the idea of spending over $1,500 for test prep but also knew that I had to do something to help progress with GMAT. Luckily, I’m involved with the Forte Foundation and they provided a discount for us. I’ve seen several other ways to get discounts to Veritas through attending events or webinars. I would highly recommend taking the time to find a way to get a discount because it’s worth it but I will contradict myself by also saying that the course is 100% worth the money even if you didn’t have the discount.

I registered for the Monday/Wednesday live online class with Chris Kane over the phone with Farrah. She was very helpful and went over several details of the course and what I was getting when I signed up. Additionally, she provided me with a great example of how the live online course format worked in order to prepare me for the experience of using it for my course. After I registered and paid for the first of three payments, I got a box from Veritas in the mail that included 12 course books, an essential guide to some of the top MBA programs, and a dry erase packet and pen that mimics what you’ll get on test day. You also get instant access to your online student portal after you register.

To be honest, Veritas gives you so many resources that it’s initially overwhelming. They do a great job of giving you first steps that helps you work through the student portal and the books systematically. This is mostly given to you in the first of the course books. With these learnings, it becomes very easy to use the online portal effectively.

On class days, it’s surprisingly how much similar it is to a real class. You still get nervous about speaking up (via chat) and can get called on unexpectedly. Chris did this often! It really helps at keeping you engaged for a good majority of the lesson. Many working professionals know that the mark of a great meeting or seminar is not watching the clock. It’s amazing how quickly three hours of instruction passes by. Before you even realize it, the 6 weeks of class is over.

During class, the instructor takes you through a concise version of the book’s contents and its exercises. You should have the book with you during class to follow along but the class is not a substitute for the book because the class goes faster than the class and often skips over details that you might find useful. Almost all of the exercises that you do in class are a part of the lesson section of the book. I found it most beneficial to have the book with me during class and then go back and watch the On Demand lesson at my own pace later. It’s two different deliveries of the lesson but highly effective. I found that it allowed me to take advantage of all the methods of learning that I was paying for. I recommended this system to a friend that was also taking Veritas but with a different live online instructor and she also found it helpful.

Chris was truly a wonderful instructor. I don’t know how he does it but it really feels like he gets to know his students throughout the course. He gets really good at letting each of us know what we were probably thinking when we selected an incorrect answer. It’s creepy but in a good way… although still creepy enough that we talked about it class. How does he know?! He was great at entertaining us through our lessons with stories about his past students and experiences as a GMAT instructors. Our incentive to do well (valuable contributions to class) during class was a $10 Amazon gift card. Never have I seen such competition but everyone is trying to get a 700+ score and into the best schools so you can see it reflected there!

Brandon was our TA and he served as a communicator between the student and Chris and then between the student and the rest of the class. Often times, we would get summed up concise tips from him in the chat along with “student comments” where a student has a comment or question that comes up in the private chat with him but it’s relevant enough for all of us. He was the person that we could bounce frustrations or concerns off of during class.
Even though it’s an online class for the students, you still have the dynamics of a traditional classroom. I’m talking about getting off topic, class clowns, lack of participation (mainly from fear of getting the wrong answer), etc. Chris ad Brandon did a really great job of entertaining us when we were off topic but also keeping us on course to tackle the entire lesson in the given amount of time. In a way, this was nice because you didn’t lose that aspect of class and it meant that you were still interacting with your classmates. This made it really fun for me.

Because you’re only chatting, it’s easier to “break the ice” between students. Even in the short amount of time that we were together, I felt the other students and I were all very supportive of each other to the extent that some of us connected on LinkedIn after the last class.
Overall, Veritas Prep gave me the instruction and structure I was missing in my GMAT prep. The curriculum doesn’t offer any shortcuts. It’s meant to give you the tools you need to understand concepts and strategies at a deeper level. After two weeks of practicing post-class, I can see the difference in my thought process with practice problems. I highly recommend not only Veritas Prep but the live online course with Chris Kane!

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