March 13, 2015

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I started my GMAT preparation with the Manhattan series and the Official Guide. I jumped from guide to guide and between quant and verbal. I completed over 500 practice problems.

My prep was disjointed and disorganized. Also, I have an MS in engineering and I took the quant section for granted. I skipped much of the basic preps and went straight to the difficult type problems. I believe this was my biggest mistake.

This resulted in a 690 on my first attempt, with only a 5 on the IR. I decided to hit it hard for another month and take it again. My second attempt resulted in a 680- I canceled the score. I needed to change my prep process.

I used EMPOWERgmat for a little over a month. The program is easy to follow and conveniently setup. The program's focus on the mastering 600-level questions first and then moving to 700-800 level questions is an approach that I wish I had started with. Also, the guys at EMPOWERgmat seem to have have done a fair amount of research and analysis on the GMAT. The program highlights the most frequently tested topics and drills down on the most likely errors. This in and of itself will increase your score.

The result was that I scored a 710. I even upped my IR to 8. This score gave me the confidence to apply to any school.

I have been accepted to Fuqua, Darden, and McCombs. I am also waitlisted at Haas, Kellogg, and Sloan. All these schools with a sub-3.0 undergrad GPA. I strongly believe that my 700+ GMAT helped to mitigate this fact.

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