September 24, 2020

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Veritas Prep Mock Test Review


Apart from GMAT Prep, my definite first recommendation would be Veritas! Out of my seven mock tests, the average was around 720 whereas my score on the real test was 740. In some of those seven tests I got a Q51 but thought that the algorithm never gave me the really tough questions one might find in their question bank. But I guess that goes to show their algorithm's accuracy as it was more or less the same difficulty in my real test. As for Verbal, it was a similar case with my mock scores ranging from 35 to 40 and my actual score was also 40. Integrated reasoning however was probably tougher than what one might find in the real test. With IR, my scores were 4s and 5s but I was able to score a 7 in the real test. Overall, a great mock test with a fairly accurate algorithm

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